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Tourism Development

Tourism Development Department is one of the three Departments that constitute the Directorate of Tourism, Wildlife and Museums and Monuments in the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities.


Sustainable tourism, wildlife and heritage supporting the transformation of the Ugandan society from a peasant to a modern and prosperous Country.


To develop and promote the tourism, wildlife and heritage resources for enhancement of Uganda as a competitive and preferred tourist destination, with accelerated sector contribution to the national economy


Policy determination, formulation and implementation, coordination and development of strategies for sustainable tourism development in the country


  • To plan and develop the tourism sector with due regard to the economic, social, environmental and cultural consequences of such development.

  • To formulate, promote and monitor implementation of policies for sustainable growth of the sector, in consultation with the private sector and line institutions of Government. 

  • To supervise, monitor, regulate and coordinate the sector.  

  • To ensure compliance with best practices (environmental, social and economic) by tourists, tour operators and owners of the tourist facilities.

  • To promote national and international investment in the sector.

  • To initiate, develop and promote domestic, regional and international cooperation in the field of tourism.

  • Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the policies, legislation, national plans and guidelines on Tourism.

  • To support and guide the Uganda Tourism Board and the Hotel and Tourism Training Institute in performing their tasks. 

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