Why Tourism?

Tourism is the leading foreign exchange earner for Uganda generating US$1.35bn (23.5% of total exports) in 2015 from US $1,085m in 2013. Tourism also contributed UGX 7.27 trillion of Uganda's GDP (9.0% of GDP) in 2015 and is forecast to rise by 6.6% pa to UGX13.083 trillion (10.2% of GDP) in 2025 (WTTC, 2015).

To develop and promote the tourism, wildlife and heritage resources for enhancement of Uganda as a competitive and preferred tourist destination, with accelerated sector contribution to the national  economy.

Permits and Licenses

Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities

P. O. Box 4241 Kampala

Rwenzori Towers 2nd Floor, 

Plot 6 Nakasero Road.

Kampala, Uganda.

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