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Tourism in the Press


Sunday Vision July 30, 2017 Page 32 - 33

Restoration of this cultural site, seven years after it was gutted by fire, has revealed a beautiful masterpiece that should be welcoming tourists again.

Kasubi tomb is a burial ground for four great kings: Walugembe Muteesa I, Muteesa II, Mwanga II, and Daudi Chwa. The site was also Muteesa I’s palace in 1856 and then kingdom capital. When Muteesa I died in 1884, following the Buganda burial customs of the kings, he was buried in his house in the palace.

It was inscribed on UNESCO’s world heritage list in 2001 because of its rich culture, making it an outstanding tourist site globally.


Sunday Vision July 30, 2017 Page 32 - 33

Buganda marks the 24th coronation anniversary of Kabaka Ronald Muwenda  Mutebi II  with the new face of Naggalabi coronation Site which got an uplift  last year. As part of the facelift, Bwanika House where the Prince goes for secret rituals before being crowned has been re-thatched to maintain the heritage element and there is a signpost.

 A concrete parameter wall was built within the site is a mini- forest with scattered old trees called Nakibuuka.  It is a place with a cool breeze on a hilly setting with a panoramic view of parts of Mpigi, Wakiso and Kampala districts.

The last coronation ceremony was held in 1993, when Ronald Muwenda  Mutebi  II became the 36th king of Buganda.


New Vision Newspaper Tuesday, July 25 2017 Page 10

The French Ambassador, Stephanie Rivoal, has advised Uganda to launch a massive and continuous marketing campaign across the globe to enable the country to get better returns from its tourism sector.  She noted the various natural endowments that Uganda is gifted with, which make it a top potential tourism destination.  However, she noted that the number of tourists that the country gets is still much lower than what it ought to be getting.

She conveyed the advice during the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the French Embassy, Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) and Uganda Tourism Association (UTA). The function took place at the Uganda Tourism Board office, on Lugogo By pass Kampala, where the parties agreed to train Uganda’s tour guides and hotel front desk staff in the French language. The French Embassy provided sh 49m to co-finance the training and promised more support.

Various stakeholders also raised the concern about the discrepancy between various international agencies ranking Uganda a leading tourism destination and the country being among the countries with the least number of tourists visiting it, mainly because the Government is not doing enough to harness opportunities.

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