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Call for nominations for the Annual Wildlife Conservation Awards 2024 Edition


As part of activities to commemorate World Wildlife Day, Government, through the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities, will recognize persons who have made unique and significant contributions to the sustainable conservation and development of wildlife resources in Uganda.


Categories of Awards

The awards will be in the following categories:


1.     Sustainable Protected Area Management Award: This award is given to individuals or Institutions who have demonstrated excellence in sustainable conservation of National Parks, Wildlife Reserves, Community Wildlife Areas, Wildlife Sanctuaries and Natural Central Forest Reserves.

2.     Wildlife Havens Award: This award is given to individuals or institutions whose activities have given lifeline to wildlife outside protected areas.

3.     Species Recovery Award: Given to individuals or institutions for distinguished efforts to save and aid recovery of populations of rare, threatened, endemic, or endangered species. Advancing species recovery for rare, threatened, endemic, endangered or extinct species.

4.     Sustainable Eco-tourism Award: Given to organizations that have applied best practices in sustainable eco-tourism management and that demonstrate exceptional commitment to protection of wildlife and natural environment.

5.     Human-Wildlife Harmonious Living Award: Given for excellence in advancing and innovating human-wildlife conflict mitigation tools and measures helping to ensure harmonious co-existence between wildlife and humans.

6.      Wildlife Research Award: Given to individuals or institutions for outstanding research that has informed Policy and Management for sustainable conservation and development of wildlife resources.

7.     Wildlife Conservation Education Award: Given to individuals or institutions for dedication to creating conservation awareness to save wildlife including use of innovative approaches for winning people’s hearts to protect wildlife.

8.     Counter Poaching and Trafficking Award: Given for exceptional excellence and acts of bravery in preventing, disrupting, controlling and dismantling poaching, illegal wildlife trade and trafficking in wildlife and wildlife products.

9.     Community Livelihood Award: Given to organizations that implement pro-poor wildlife based or alternative income enterprises helping to alleviate economic and social burdens imposed on communities living in proximity to Conservation Areas.

10.  Young Wildlife Conservationist Award: Given to young persons between 18 and 30 years of age to recognize and honor their efforts, passion, dedication and commitment to conservation of wildlife.

11.  Wildlife Conservation Media Award: Given to individuals or institutions for outstanding wildlife conservation media coverage.

12.  Wildlife Digital Innovations Award: Given to individuals or institutions for outstanding contributions by the application of digital innovations and technologies for wildlife conservation.


Nature of Awards

The awardees will be honored with specially designed plaques and certificates and inscribed on Conservation Heroes List for Uganda. Government may accord winners any other benefits and recognitions as deemed fit.



i.      The conservation awards shall be given to those who have made unique contributions in the respective categories to wildlife conservation in Uganda.

ii.    Nominations shall be accepted for both individuals and institutions using prescribed form.

iii.   Self-nominations shall not be accepted.

iv.   A person nominated shall not constitute part of the Evaluation Committee for the Awards


Nomination Process

Nominations are hereby invited from the public through filling and returning the nomination form to the address given on the form.

Please fill-in the nomination form and attach any necessary evidence to support your nomination. Duly filled nomination forms and supporting evidence should be submitted by email to and copy to, with a high resolution photo of nominee. The nomination and supporting documentation should be sent as a single PDF file by 8th February 2024 before 5:00pm.


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