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Hon. Tom Butime launches the wildlife street

Hon. Tom Butime launches and officially names, the Kira road-Mulago roundabout street, a wildlife street.

The Hon. Minister of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities, Hon. Tom Butime launched and named officially, the Kira road-Mulago roundabout street, a wildlife street. The event follows the beautification exercise that has been done on the said street, with 10 placed monuments of some of the wildlife Uganda prides in. The MoU bringing this to accomplishment was signed between KCCA and UWA in Oct 2016 to jointly work to beautify and promote Kampala City.

Speaking at the Launch, the Hon. Minister retorted on the COVID-19 pandemic that has greatly affected international travel. He indicated that it will take a while to get back to where the sector was at the beginning of this year. The Hon. Minister however, noted that with initiatives like this, Ugandans will pick interest and be inspired to visit these animals in the wild.

“The Launch of the wildlife street comes timely at a time the sector is on its baby steps of recovery; the Minister says; ‘recently UTB launched a campaign: Take on The Pearl, UWEC has opened its gates for visitors, UWA reopened its savannah parks and primate tourism, yet Ngamba Island chimpanzee sanctuary is also now open. All these concerted efforts crowned with the opening of the International Airport on 1st October 2020 should see Tourism achieving an early come back.

The Ministry of Tourism has put in place standard operating procedures for hotels, parks and along the whole tourism value chain to ensure the tourists are safe and can enjoy the optimum travel experience around the country. The sector is therefore ready to receive guests both domestic and international. The Hon. Minister then declared that Uganda is one of the most peaceful and safe places to visit in the world and urged all Ugandans to visit and enjoy the endowment of their country.


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