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First Deputy Prime Minister Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga tours projects undertaken by MTWA in the Busoga sub Region

Today, the Right Honourable Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of East African Community Affairs, Mama Rebecca Kadaga, along with the Honourable Minister of State for Tourism, Wildlife and Antiques, visited the Uganda Hotel and Tourism Training Institute and the Source of the Nile area. They were accompanied by Jinja district officials, including the Mayor and City Clerk, to inspect the progress of the two projects.

The Deputy Prime Minister was particularly impressed with the developments at the Source of the Nile and expressed the need to acquire land for further developments at the site if it is to remain competitive. She noted that the pier will contribute to her long-term dream of connecting Jinja to Entebbe via water.

She also thanked the Minister for allowing the Explore Campaign to take place in Busoga, which she sees as a great opportunity to showcase the unique cultural and natural beauty that the region is proud of.

Finally, she called upon all people in Busoga to join the Explore Campaign in big numbers.


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