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World Tourism Day 2020

Hon. Kiwanda Godfrey

The Ministry of Tourism, wildlife and antiquities has launched yet another exciting series of events for the Tourism industry, The World Tourism Day 2020 celebrations under the theme; Tourism and community Development. This theme focuses attention to the plight of our rural communities and the contribution Tourism can make in transforming these livelihoods. The beauty of Uganda is best exemplified by the country side, fresh, undisturbed eco systems where the people live in harmony with nature. This year, the celebrations will be held in Fort portal city, in Kabarole district. This region exhibits some of the best landscapes and a wonderful people that explain brand Uganda, The pearl of Africa, but has some of the best examples explaining how communities have been transformed using Tourism. “Fort portal has recently been declared a tourism City and we want to join the celebration but also engage leadership at an early stage to guide that development to greater heights... Allow me to also recognise and celebrate the silver jubilee anniversary of the reign of King Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru Rukidi the fourth. The king has led his people with steadfast vision and mobilised them into a developmental force that evokes pride in the region.” Hon. Kiwanda Godfrey said as he launched. We celebrate world tourism day this year in the most uncertain of times of the pandemic. We therefore need to strengthen our resolve in following the preventive guidelines and equally seek treatment and isolate when we get infected. Together we can win this battle. The ministry of Tourism has launched guidelines for the tourism enterprises and currently we are on a nationwide campaign to sensitize and ensure compliance. During the tourism week, similar training's will be conducted in Fort portal the Tourism City. This year’s micro celebrations will be climaxed on 27th September; the International World Tourism Day.

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